“What are you doing…?” – Jamie Foxx Once Revealed How Kanye West Savagely Asked Him to Not Sing R&B and Proved the $170 Million Worth Actor Wrong

“What are you doing…?” – Jamie Foxx Once Revealed How Kanye West Savagely Asked Him to Not Sing R&B and Proved the $170 Million Worth Actor Wrong

Stories of the first meeting with Kanye West are quite famous. The ‘Donda’ singer may have been plagued with controversies, but having a closer interaction with him has allowed many celebrities to see the man behind the music. One of the most popular stories of one such first meet is by Jamie Foxx, who is never tired of repeating it in his interviews.

The two entities were always wanting a change of career and even united for their award-winning song, ‘Gold Digger’, later on. While they are seen mingling together in that video, their first meet was not exactly a smooth sail. Here is one of Foxx’s favorite repetitions of the story.

The hilarious story of Jamie Foxx’s first meet up with Kanye West

Artists often tend to keep parties for meet and greet, which also helps in finding new talent. That was also how Kanye West rose to fame. During an interview with Graham Norton in 2017, Foxx was asked again about his West story. Apparently, the actor had thrown a party, inviting the likes of Jay-Z, where West also turned up. After some discussions, the two went to Foxx’s studio immediately after Ye offered a song for him. The song eventually turned out to be their ‘Gold Digger’. Upon hearing the verse, Foxx tried to give it his own twist with an R&B curve to it. Ye’s first reaction to it was, “yo, what are you doing?”

Ye asked him to keep the song simple, something that Foxx did not appreciate. He reluctantly decided to play along and then went on to do a movie, which turned out to be a flop. It was upon returning to the music that he realized how hit the song with West turned out to be.

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In the end, both the rap-aspirants found success in music through their collaborations.

How Ye’s music style kick-started his collaborations with Jamie Foxx

The success of Ye’s simplistic hip-hop music style and winning seven awards for ‘Gold Digger’ gave confidence to Foxx. Some of their other song collaborations include the 2003 ‘Slow Jamz’ and the 2005 ‘Extravaganza’. Since then, Ye has been plagued with some controversial issues, with celebrities distancing themselves from him. It will be seen whether they will get back to collaborating in the future again.

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