“What a perfect thing..” – Fans Left Nostalgic After ‘The Office’ Actor Steve Carell Finally Appears on Office Ladies Podcast

“What a perfect thing..” – Fans Left Nostalgic After ‘The Office’ Actor Steve Carell Finally Appears on Office Ladies Podcast

Steve Carell left every fan misty-eyed after his appearance on The Office. There are few shows that remain timeless, and this remake of the British show is certainly one of them. The series came to an end a decade ago, but never stopped trending. Major OTT platforms still showcase the show, garnering a strong viewership. So, when Carell appeared on the Office Ladies podcast, fans were beyond delighted.

The Office did not have any spin-offs despite the success. But its female cast members Jenna Fischer and Angela Kingsley started their own Apple podcast called Office Ladies. It began in 2019, and after a long wait, co-star Steve Carell finally appeared as a guest on the show on March 7th. The women’s day special episode doubled down on celebration with his presence.

In each podcast episode, the Office Ladies talk about an episode and give a recount of the behind-the-scenes mess. The Office trio re-lived their shooting days and the experience and laughter that they shared while filming in the latest episode. It also had a session of answering fan questions from the podcast’s Facebook page in addition to the ‘Regular Guy’ quiz.

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Jenna Fischer shared a link to their Apple podcast episode on Twitter. She also added a selfie photo of the trio and fans in comments immediately poured their love over it.

How fans melted over hearing Steve Carell on Office Ladies

For multiple generations, The Office holds a special place attached to their own memories. So seeing three of the cast members come back together again left fans with intense emotions of happiness and tears.

One fan mentioned the episode as coming home to family, and how it left her in tears. While others mentioned how much they love the series and were happy to finally see Carell be a guest on the podcast. Then there were those who want to see a special series or reunion episode, something as the F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast did.

When the remake of Ricky Gervais’ The Office was made in America, little did anyone know how successful it would end up being. Carell played the role of hilariously awkward boss Michael Scott in the series. Fischer portrayed the role of Pam Beesley while Angela Kingsley played Angela Martin. The series has consistently made it to the list of Top 100 shows ever made, and the recent fan reaction only proves why.

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