“We’ve developed these individual career paths” – Sadie Sink Once Spoke About ‘Stranger Things’ Cast and How She Wants to Explore More

“We’ve developed these individual career paths” – Sadie Sink Once Spoke About ‘Stranger Things’ Cast and How She Wants to Explore More

Stranger Things and the entire team has been with us for so long that it almost feels like a family. However, as the cast has grown out of their nests and has spread their wings to fly farther, it is time they discuss further career opportunities. So did our very own MadMax, Sadie Sink. 

In an interview with Coveteur, Sink told us some of her future plans. The past interests that she would like to pick up, courses she would like to take, and so on. Tune in to know what she said about herself and her castmates of their future. 

Sadie Sink talked about the future career opportunities she would like to pursue

Before living the life of a sought-after actress in her teen ages, Sadie harbored an immense interest in writing screenplays. In her pre-teen era, she would write various scenes while also casting and directing her fellow stars in her plays. This was something Sadie loved to do at her leisure. However, little did we know until this interview that the 20-year-old star actually wants to pursue a career in the same.

Addressing her colleagues on the sets of Stranger Things, the star reflected upon how beautiful their journey has been so far. Even after achieving tremendous stardom with Strangers Things, Sadie affirms, “We’ve all been on long enough that we’ve developed these individual career paths, but the show is a home base”. 

Sink who played Maxine in the sci-fi thriller series further expressed that spitting apart would be heartbreaking. However, she thinks “we’re all in a good place to do so.” Along with being overwhelmed thinking about the time they would part ways, the star stayed firm on her career paths. 

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Speaking about her siblings, Sadie often talks about how great an influence his brothers are on her life. She could not control her joy when her elder brother graduated from law school. And now that her other sibling is already studying musical theatre, she wants to walk the same path as well. 

Would Sadie Sink make a great screenplay writer? What are your thoughts about her career options?

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