“We’re a bunch of knuckleheads”: Felix Solis Reveals How the Feel at the Set of ‘Ozark’ Was Completely Opposite to the Actual Tone of the Show

“We’re a bunch of knuckleheads”: Felix Solis Reveals How the Feel at the Set of ‘Ozark’ Was Completely Opposite to the Actual Tone of the Show

Ozark was the kind of show that comes once in a while. The kind of show whose each frame is that of an arthouse movie. All the actors were so natural, they didn’t seem like they were acting. The plot was so well-written, that it felt like it came out of a true story.

The tone of the show is serious and dark, which has often made fans wonder how the sets of the show would feel. After getting into their intense characters, the actors would seldom be able to get out of their characters quick enough for banter on set. Right? Well, everybody was proven wrong.

Felix Solis revealed how the vibe on the set was completely opposite to the tone of the show

In a recent ‘A Farewell to Ozark‘ video that Netflix released, everyone who’s worked on the show talked about their experiences while filming. While they were talking about how amicable they all got on the set, Felix Solis, or Omar Navarro as the fans know him, revealed how fun the set was. He said, “When I first showed up, I thought the set was gonna be the tone of the show. And it’s the complete opposite. We’re a bunch of knuckleheads” Darlene Snell, played by Lisa Emery, also contributed to the fun. “We made a lot of jokes” “Peter and I were at the craft table, trying to pick out really gassy things to eat before we shot the scene,” confessed the actress.

Some of this set banter was visible in the video itself. For instance, Skylar Gaertner aka Jonah Byrde asked Jason Bateman to “pay up” for a bet the latter lost. Apparently, Jason declared that he will give $100 to anyone who can catch a fly unharmed. Jonah was able to do it and still hasn’t been paid. What does Jason have to say about this accusation? Well, he said they will probably settle up but he won’t pay the whole thing. Spoken like his alter, Marty.

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The final season has the melancholy of the end. It was even tougher for the stars because it meant the end of an era of friendship, team spirit, and banter. The video brings with it a feeling of deep sorrow, as all of them reminisce the moments that brought them joy over the last five years.

Just like cast and crew of Ozark, we too will miss the show. What about you?

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