“Well you’re stupid” – When James Corden Jokingly Called Out Ryan Reynolds Over His Ignorance

“Well you’re stupid” – When James Corden Jokingly Called Out Ryan Reynolds Over His Ignorance

Ryan Reynolds has been in the acting industry for quite a while now. However, it was his performance in Deadpool in 2016 that truly made the actor shine. A box office success, a hero with an impeccable sense of humor, and an intriguing back story, Deadpool defines what it is to be successful. And while many people would not want to change even a bit of their favorite superhero film despite binging it numerous times, James Corden would beg to differ.

Back in 2016, when the movie came out and Ryan Reynolds was promoting it, the late-night talk show had quite a few pointers on how the movie could have done better. The $782 million dollars earning over a $58 million budget did nothing to appease James because of its lack of a sidekick. Despite Ryan Reynolds profusely refusing the need for a sidekick, James Corden insisted. This led to a hilarious audition as James Corden tried outfit after outfit to give Ryan Reynolds the perfect sidekick within the span of three minutes.

James Corden insists that he would be the best sidekick for Ryan Reynolds

From Superman to Spiderman, even after scanning the entirety of the Marvel and DC cinematic universes, it is tough to find a sidekick. That is if you do not consider the best friend as one. However, James Corden thinks that his addition to Deadpool would definitely add stars to the movie, both literally and metamorphically.

The fact that the movie had already come out, did not lessen Corden’s spirit by one bit. He went on to present an array of sidekick characters that could do Ryan and his already blockbuster movie, Deadpool some good. And while Ryan Reynolds may have disagreed, rightfully earning himself a ”Well You’re Stupid” from a snarky James. We definitely think James Corden’s sidekick characters deserve some appreciation.

Sidekick 1: The Iceman comet

This featured James in a bizarre silver bodysuit. And ”The iceman comet all over you” is his favorite punchline.

Sidekick 2: Strawberry Short fuse

Talents: He has a very short fuse. And he is a strawberry. Definitely unbeatable in the sidekick race, if we say so ourselves.

Sidekick 3: Clams

On his third try, James Corden dressed up in a ridiculous clam costume. And his punchline was ”I’m open for business.” When Ryan asked what else is clams capable of contributing as a sidekick, James was left speechless.

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This led to Reynolds delivering a ”looks like somebody is clammed up.” A pun that stole the show in a room where Corden was standing dressed as a clam.

Sidekick 4: Potato Man

It is a well-known fact that a potato is an entity on its own. And James Carden decided to put this theory to the test in his attempt to prove to Reynolds that he is the best sidekick.

Sidekick 5: Tentacle

James Corden’s last save was a tentacle because “he had ten to kill.” Ryan Reynolds obviously disapproved. But if anyone is counting, we would like to cast our vote for the tentacle.

You can watch Deadpool on Disney+ and decide for yourself whether a sidekick is needed or not.

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