‘Wednesday’ Star Jenna Ortega Almost Turned Down Tim Burton for This One Specific Reason

‘Wednesday’ Star Jenna Ortega Almost Turned Down Tim Burton for This One Specific Reason

It’s no secret that Netflix has been the platform that garnered the careers of many young actors. Millie Bobby Brown is one of the biggest examples who has become a global phenomenon today with major projects under her belt. Not to mention, she formed such a close relationship with them that they gave her the chance to star in movies like Enola Holmes and Damsel. Meanwhile, last year, the streaming giant turned Jenna Ortega into an internet sensation by casting her in the Addams Family spinoff series Wednesday. The American actress is receiving tremendous offers from production houses as she has caught the attention of Hollywood. But did you know that the young star once considered this show as a trap to restrain her growth in the film industry and nearly turned down the proposal?

In a new report rolled out by The Times, it is revealed that Jenna Ortega almost passed on Wednesday Addams’ role in the Netflix series. According to the publication, the Scream star was not interested in the project and was scared to do television. “No, I didn’t. I got the email, passed on it. I had done so much TV in my life, all I’ve ever wanted to do is film,” she revealed.

Ortega continued how she didn’t want to sign this show because it might have become a hurdle for things she wanted to do. At that time, the 20-year-old was only focused on getting a big break in Hollywood. However, the director and executive producer of the show, Tim Burton, convinced her.

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And this is how she finally played the role of this iconic character, making the series the biggest hit of her career.

Jenna Ortega will happily return in Wednesday Season 2 

The X star was afraid at the beginning of where this comedy-drama might take her in the future. But now it is certainly clear that she has a bright future in this universe of macabre and bloodshed. Even the actress is so happy with the success that she is already planning season 2. During her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jenna Ortega stated that she wants more horror in the next season of Wednesday.


Fortunately for her fans, the 20-year-old star agreed to do this role and gave people the most iconic dance sequence of 2022. Otherwise, we would have remained unknown of her stellar performance as a gothic teenager.

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Can you imagine the Wednesday series without the Scream queen? Let us know your views in the comment section!

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