‘Wednesday Addams’ Has Some Vivid And Striking Resemblance To The Harry Potter Movies, What Are They?

‘Wednesday Addams’ Has Some Vivid And Striking Resemblance To The Harry Potter Movies, What Are They?

Netflix dropped the official trailer for its upcoming series, Wednesday, following the only daughter in the Addams family. Putting the spotlight on the titular character, this series talks about the goth girl. She is shown as a deceptive and strong teen who revels in murderous actions.


As the preview showed, she throws a bunch of deadly piranha in the pool to avenge her brother, resulting in another expulsion as she has already been transferred from several schools. Starting from the bloody waters of High School to finally being sent to Nevermore Academy, the protagonist finds her Hogwarts. Let’s see how this new mysterious school has some vivid and striking resemblance to the Harry Potter world.

Nevermore Academy is the Hogwarts of the Addams family

You might have not noticed that this new show has some important references to the Harry Potter movies. For instance, the Addams family is steeped in a mysterious past of murder like Harry Potter’s parents. Also, Wednesday is unknown to her powers just like Harry who unknowingly speaks parse tongue in the museum.

Meanwhile, the Academy does give us a feel of Hogwarts the ways all the students are dressed. Last but not least there is a depiction of spree terrorizing the lands similar to the forbidden forest where dark creatures lived.

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Wednesday Addams finally gets to the place where she can be herself

After seeing Wednesday Addams is not fitting in any normal high school her parents Morticia and Gomez Addams take her to Nevermore Academy, where her mother tells her that she will finally meet peers who understand her.

Since their daughter has sadistic tendencies and a dark personality with a taste for torture, Nevermore is the place where she will be happy amongst her creepy and kooky classmates. However, the school holds many secrets as stated in the official synopsis of the show.

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Therefore, a perfect dark life is awaiting Wednesday an engulfed past and monster slaying. Like she says in the trailer:

Little did I know I would be stepping into a nightmare. Full of mystery, mayhem, and murder. I think I’m gonna love it here.”

Wednesday is set for its release on the streaming giant sometime this fall. Keep yourself tuned to the notification to not miss this story of a dark protagonist.

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