“We were throwing Glitter”- Billie Eilish Looks Back on Her Journey and First Gig

“We were throwing Glitter”- Billie Eilish Looks Back on Her Journey and First Gig

There is no denying that Billie Eilish with a fanbase of millions is what it means to be a true pop star in this age and time. Not only is the Happier Than Ever singer popular all around the world, but she also has a gazillion awards to prove her talent. At just the age of fourteen, Eilish managed to be at the top of the charts with Ocean Eyes.

Not to mention the fact that she and her brother made the entire album in their room. The magical sibling duo not just wrote but also produced all the iconic songs from her first album, yes even Bad Guy, all in their room. Eilish’s parents were very supportive of her love for music. Even letting the singer be homeschooled so that she can focus on what she loves. The singer may be singing in large studios filled with thousands of people now, but it wasn’t always the case.

Billie Eilish had a rather small first gig?

The fact that Eilish was only fourteen when Ocean Eyes came out is shocking enough for anybody. The singer is praised all around for achieving so much at a young age. But Eilish’s love for singing and her habit of singing started long before. There are countless photos online of a toddler Eilish just singing her heart out. In her book titled Billie Eilish, which came out in 2021, the singer lets fans in on very personal details about her life and revealed that her first gig was at a slumber party.

Eilish was only thirteen when she went to a cute slumber party with all her girlfriends and sang for a small crowd. “We were throwing glitter,” the singer says about the party. “It was the first time I’d ever performed for a group of people that I knew really, besides talent show and stuff on my own,” the Happier Than Ever singer said about her first gig.

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When she mentioned singing as her talent, all her friends encouraged her to sing a song for them. And that is when a thirteen-year-old Eilish picked up her guitar and sang Secret by Missy Higgins. Despite being in a crowd of people she knew, the singer was really nervous. Little did she know that just in a matter of two years she would be one of the greatest singers in the world. You can buy the book on Amazon.

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