“We Wanted to Use ‘The Winter Soldier’ as a Springboard”: Joe Russo on the Captain America Connection of Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ Besides Chris Evans

“We Wanted to Use ‘The Winter Soldier’ as a Springboard”: Joe Russo on the Captain America Connection of Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ Besides Chris Evans

Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown to unimaginable heights since its re-birth in 2008, thanks to Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Over the years, MCU has had some truly great cinematic moments filled with action and emotions. And if you are a lover of action movies. You have to agree no director can direct better action sequences than the Russo Brothers. Their action sequences from Captain America Winter Soldier and Civil War are still the best. And now that they are going to bring their talents to Netflix’s The Gray Man, fans are excited to see what the outcome will be.

The new spy thriller has been making news left, right and center recently. And yet again Russo Brothers have assured the fans to expect mind-blowing things from the most expensive Netflix Original to date in terms of its action scenes. Let us see what the visionary brothers had to say.

The Gray Man to be a spiritual successor of Winter Soldier

Every director has their own distinct style, which they bring to every movie. For James Cameron, it would be creating high CGI spectacles. For Guillermo del Toro, it has been his love for monsters and the dark horror vibes. But when it comes to the highly successful brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, their immaculate action choreography can be identified from miles away.

They have time and again mesmerized audiences with the most realistic action sequences in films like Captain America Winter Soldier. And it looks like they will do the same with Netflix Original The Gray Man.

While discussing if their previous films will have inspiration for their newest thriller, Joe Russo said it most definitely will. He added, “We wanted to use ‘The Winter Soldier’ as a springboard into something else action-oriented.”

The Gray Man, according to Joe, is going to be an action-packed film with stunt choreography unlike anything before.

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Joe said that the sequences in the new movie were so intense that the movie “almost killed” them. Anthony Russo added that “’The Gray Man‘ action sequences are all ‘character-oriented.'”

There is no doubt that Anthony and Joe are capable of some beautiful action sequences. But with inspiration, like The Winter Soldier, one can only imagine how things will turn out.

Let us know in the comments your favorite action sequence from Captain America: The Winter Soldier?


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