“We have to decouple the conversation of…” – When Kanye West Opened Up About the Planned Parenthood With Joe Rogan

“We have to decouple the conversation of…” – When Kanye West Opened Up About the Planned Parenthood With Joe Rogan

Kanye West has been facing a lot of backlash because of his controversial comments. As a result, the American rapper lost professional deals with some of the major companies. However, back in 2020, when Ye wanted to run for president, he shared some ideas about world peace and planned parenthood when he appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

In his conversation with Joe Rogan on his podcast, Joe Rogan Experience, the Chicago rapper talked about his 2020 presidential campaign, his music, and how people misunderstood his comment about being a slave. He talked about how the media controlled the narrative while throwing light on the abortion culture and planned parenthood as well. Talking about the difference between the cultures, Ye said, “We have to decouple the conversation of planned parenthood and woman’s choice.”

He pointed out that the greatest advocates for the abortion culture were men between 31 to 37. While sharing his own experience with his dad, the former Yeezy owner shared how they had a culture of not making time for the children. To further explain his point, the rapper talked about child rebel soldiers in Africa, who are conditioned to kill their parents. Extrapolating this to abortion, West noted how “in our culture, we are doped up and psyched out and made to kill our children.

His exposition on planned parenthood also led to him introducing Plan A in lieu of abortion.

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Kanye West decoupled the conversation about planned parenting

As he continued talking about planned parenting, the American rapper said when he gets elected, he would not change the laws because realized we lived in an imperfect world and an imperfect society. Therefore, instead of changing the laws, he would present a plan A. Ye proposed that he and his team would change the connotations of orphanages, foster care, and so on. They would provide them with the best care and facilities possible on a global level.

While being against plan B or planned parenthood, Ye said he would create a space where parents could leave their children if they didn’t want to bring another life into their space. He believed it (abortion culture) was propaganda against the black race in the name of population control. Ye also gave an example and said there were more black children who died because of the ‘A culture” than people who died because of Covid.

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Whether West’s claims are fact-backed is debatable, but what proved certain in 2020 was his loss in the election. That, however, didn’t deter the rapper as he looks forward to participate in 2024 elections as well.

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