“We Have a Ghost” but He Is David Harbour, Netflix Drops Trailer of a Horror That’s Just Funny

“We Have a Ghost” but He Is David Harbour, Netflix Drops Trailer of a Horror That’s Just Funny

Netflix is welcoming this new year by taking us back to the time when a family moving into a new place could mean one thing and one thing only: A Ghost. The OTT Mughal just dropped the trailer for the Christopher Landon-directed horror comedy. And let’s just say it’s giving us goosebumps. The relevance of the horror comedy will forever remain unbeatable and We Have A Ghost is only here to make the case stronger.

After his impressive work in Freaky, Happy Death Day, and Happy Death Day 2U, Christopher Landon is presenting to us a marriage between two of the most exciting genres. Furthermore, We Have a Ghost has gathered some of the most loved Hollywood actors to guarantee an elevated viewed experience.

We Have a Ghost trailer receive a green light from fans

The trailer for Netflix’s upcoming horror comedy starts off much like any other horror movie. However, just two seconds in, the We Have a Ghost trailer pulls you in with its fresh take on ghosts. The flick follows a tried and tested cliche of a new family moving into town and meeting its worst nightmares, Netflix’s very own The Watcher being a prime example.

The trailer makes it clear that although the primary trope is one you are well acquainted with; it is the Presley family that will be bringing in all the fun. We Have a Ghost is based on Geoff Manaugh’s short story titled Ernest. It follows the youngest of the Presley family who gets told by his schoolmates that he lives in a haunted house.

And following the legacy of his horror comedy forefathers, Kevin follows the mysterious noise coming from nowhere, instead of going somewhere safe, and sees the ghost. However, the ghost in this movie is not like other ghosts for two reasons. One, Ernest the ghost is being played by David Harbour. And two, he can be captured on camera.

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Apart from this high-tech twist, the trailer hints at foul play in the death of Ernest. But when David and his friend try to uncover the mystery, the CIA knocks on their doors. Moreover, the Presley family, instead of running out of the house in horror, uses Ernest the ghost to become the social media influencers. Packed with powerful performances by Anthony Mackie, Jennifer Coolidge, David Harbour, and more, the trailer guarantees a fun watch.

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