“We don’t want to…” – Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Drama Invites Backlash Once Again

“We don’t want to…” – Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Drama Invites Backlash Once Again

The Netflix series Jeffrey Dahmer has received backlash yet again. The platform has had quite a list of true crime-based series, but nothing quite as grim and horrifying. Especially since it is based on true events giving you the supposed exact depiction of the gruesome things that took place in real. But since the beginning, the series come under scrutiny for several reasons.

Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, released on 21st September, has yet again faced a backlash. The story is being told through the victim’s angle who lost their lives, brutally, at the hands of the Milwaukee serial killer. However, not everyone is pleased or convinced about the aim of the series. The series casts Evan Peters in the lead, amongst others, who also drew criticism.

What led to a backlash against Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer show

Jeffrey Dahmer’s series raised criticism for glorifying the gruesome serial killer by dedicating a series to him. Eric Wynn, who was a black drag queen during the 1990s, knew some of Dahmer’s victims. Amongst them were Smith and Hughes, two of the seventeen men that Jeffrey killed and cannibalized. Jeffrey is played by American Horror Story hero Evan Peters while Niecy Nash plays the role of the neighbor, who tried to warn the cops about him.

Former Club 219 employee Scott Gunkel, additionally stated that he and his friends “don’t want to relive” the trauma. The 62-year-old could not watch the series further than two episodes and was highly displeased with the unnecessary remakes of the story. He also added that the “First ones really didn’t have any context of the victims.” However, Hughes, the deaf man and one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims was one of the few who had a dedicated episode to his killing.

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But most of the criticism still comes from the fact that there have been so many versions of this story, that it takes away from the pain of the victim’s families, and that they were not contacted for advice or permission when the series was made. Survivors also feel that the show only goes to make people relive their trauma.

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