“We didn’t really like each other”- Oscar Front-Runner ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Directors Reveal Their Co-rival to Co-workers Troupe, and It Is Absolutely Wholesome

“We didn’t really like each other”- Oscar Front-Runner ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Directors Reveal Their Co-rival to Co-workers Troupe, and It Is Absolutely Wholesome

2022 had been full of breathtaking movies and their takes, which rendered us speechless at every plot twist. While OTT platforms peaked with their streaming culture, Netflix’s one blockbuster broke all charts sweeping awards from every corner. That said, it is undoubtedly the Michelle Yeoh starrer, Everything Everywhere All At Once. The movie holds the record for being the most award-winning movie with Yeoh’s Evelyn Wang connecting multi-verses like Marvel would not dare. But who are the masterminds, Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan behind the blockbuster hit? Who are the Daniels? 

In the end, it all comes down to one of the director’s chairs and for this masterpiece, we have had two. Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan pulled out their magic wands, shaping the movie like the first of its kind. While science played an early role in inspiring the movie with its multiverse concept, it was the combined efforts of the Daniels that brought it enormous stardom. 

How did the Daniels friend look good? 

Speaking of the directors’, the two stars recently sat with The Film stage for a long-stretched discussion about making the drama, comedy, and sci-fi adventure a grand success. Upon being asked about their journey so far and how it all began, Daniel Kwan was quick to answer that it was the internet bringing them together. To which Scheinert agreed, to state, “the like button, exactly!”. Nonetheless, it was not all fun and games in the beginning. 

Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan
Credits: Imago

Upon further introspection, Kwan revealed that they did not have really good chemistry between them. In fact, Kwan even admitted, “we didn’t really like each other at first.” They were polar opposites in their learning styles and principles, but somehow ended up working at the same place. And that is how it all began.

Kwan revealed that “Okay, we were funny guys, we enjoyed each other’s company.” However, even then, they never thought of pulling a movie together. 

How did they agree to work together? 

But needless to say, destiny has its own plans. The two just got down to a rough work together only because Kwan had got a new camera, or as he said. And eventually, the quick test led to them making a music video that got enormous recognition from worthy bigwigs in the entertainment industry. 

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Six years later, the boys got their hands on their first-ever movie together. With every up and down that came along the way, the Daniels did realize that something about their work was really poking through. 

Scheinert and Kwan; personal life

Ever since, the two started carving out a niche of their own with the two top-tier feature films as the frontrunners, Swiss Army Man and The Oscar-nominated Yeoh starrer. Speaking of their personal lives, Kwan, who was born in Massachusetts, is now happily married to a fellow filmmaker, Kirsten Lepore. Meanwhile, Scheinert, the Alabama native, is at present unmarried and is more focused on building his career. 

Do you think the directors will be awarded for their years of hard work and turmoil in the Oscars in the next few hours? Let us know in the comments below. 

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