“We didn’t even really get to introduce ourselves”: ‘First Kill’ Star Sarah Catherine Hook On Her Steaming Chemistry With Imani Lewis

“We didn’t even really get to introduce ourselves”: ‘First Kill’ Star Sarah Catherine Hook On Her Steaming Chemistry With Imani Lewis

A new vampire drama First Kill hit Netflix on June 10, 2022, based on Victoria Schwab’s short stories and starring Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis as central characters in the series. The series tells the story of forbidden love between a young vampire and a hunter, who are groomed for their first kill. The show focuses on what problems this courtship will pose for Juliette and Calliope. As their bloodlines are natural enemies however the electric connection is something undeniable. And we recently found the conversations the main cast did with Collider about the new release. 

Sarah Catherine Hook has a natural connection with co-star Imani Lewis 

In a recent interview with Collider, Sarah and Imani unfolded some hidden facts about the show. Including their experiences of working with other cast members and each other. While Sarah talked about her meeting Imani for the first time. She said they didn’t even meet before the shooting or talk once.

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They saw each other directly in the first scene and they knew this was gonna work. Sarah had the vibe that they were meant to do this together. Therefore, they became good friends after chattering endlessly for four hours on FaceTime. Since then both of them had a lot of fun during the whole shoot of season 1. Moreover, Sarah shared her views on the intimate scenes depicted in the series. That they both tried their best to make each other feel comfortable and safe. Because for shooting such scenes one needs to feel secure with their partner.

“The great thing about our relationship is that, throughout the whole time, especially during the more intimate scenes, we were very protective of one another” stated Sarah Catherine Hook.

Sarah and Lewis shared their first reaction to the storyline of First Kill

Hook said that all the episodes were written before they started the production process. So when they got the final script in their hands they were so excited to know the supernatural plot of First Kill. So they sat together to read it and they were screaming and astounded by the end “and our jaws dropped” added Imani Lewis. Sarah said that the script is amazing and the only thing they asked their coaches was “Who wrote this?!” 

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Certainly, the same surprise viewers have got in this sizzling teen vampire drama. And if you haven’t got your Twilight doze for a long time go stream First Kill streaming only on Netflix. 

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