“We changed Marvel forever”: ‘The Bubble’ Cast and Director Judd Apatow Discuss Comedy and the Film at the Comedy Roundtable

“We changed Marvel forever”: ‘The Bubble’ Cast and Director Judd Apatow Discuss Comedy and the Film at the Comedy Roundtable

We all love Roundtables, where actors from different files of filmmaking come together and share their experiences throughout their careers. But you don’t need actors from different movies when you have a cast as talented and accomplished as The Bubble. So the amazing cast, including their director Judd Apatow got together in what they called a comedy roundtable.

They discuss comedy, drama, and changing Marvel forever at the table. Let us take a look at what they had to say.

The Bubble cast at comedy roundtable

Netflix’s mysterious project, The Bubble, started streaming on the site on April 1st. The movie has mixed reviews from critics and fans. However, there is no doubt that the film’s cast, including the likes of Leslie Mann, Karen Gillan, and Iris Apatow, is an extraordinary one.

So they, along with the supporting cast of Maria Bakalova, Samson Kayo, and Harry Trevaldwyn, came together to talk about the film and their experience while shooting it.

The film stars Judd Apatow‘s wife, Leslie Mann who has starred in multiple films directed by her husband. And while talking about their career together, Judd pointed out the fact that Leslie never wanted by a comedic actor and got pulled into comedy. Leslie jokes while answering, saying that her serious acting made people laugh.

Maria Bakalova then said she sympathized with Leslie as she also wanted to be a drama actress. but people just kept laughing.

While talking about the several improvisation moments that many of the Judd Apatow films have, Karren said that this was her first time doing improvisation, but she completely fell in love with it.

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Karren even went on to say that she is now improvising at the sets of the yet-to-be-named Guardians of the Galaxy part 3, to which Judd exclaims, “We changed Marvel forever.” 

The cast then went on to talk about how they all laughed at Fred Armisen in the movie. Iris even shared an incident where her father Judd cast her out of a scene for laughing at Fred’s joke and ruining the scene.

Watch the full discussion here.

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