“Watching him be that famous…” When Jason Bateman Poured Out on the Inspiration That Shaped His Career

“Watching him be that famous…” When Jason Bateman Poured Out on the Inspiration That Shaped His Career

Jason Bateman has had one of the most remarkable journeys in Hollywood. He has been a favorite on television ever since he was a child and has only risen in rank and popularity. The trajectory of Bateman’s career is quite identical to that of Ron Howard. The narrator of Arrested Development also transitioned from a child actor to one of the greatest actors and then a dependable producer and director.

Apart from the Arrested Development link, Jason Bateman has declared Ron Howard to be his idol. In an interview with GQ, the actor opened up about why he admires the American Graffiti actor as much as he does and what the relationship the two of them share is.

Jason Bateman talks about how Ron Howard helped him during his slum

The fact that right after gaining the title of ‘teen idol’, Jason Bateman fell prey to the child actor curse is no news. After working through most of his childhood, the Arrested Development actor went a little too hard while partying and began to lose too much. Then followed the years when most of Bateman’s projects would tank at the box office and the actor didn’t know what to do with his career.

The actor expressed how during these tough times, seeing how Ron Howard conducted himself and just his career alone inspired him a lot. The Ozark actor on various occasions has spoken about how auditions are super tricky. And how, despite wanting the role with all your heart, you need to act as if you don’t need to be nonchalant about it.

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I remember watching him be that famous, kind, affable, engaging, almost eager persona,” Bateman said on how Ron Howard was unabashedly himself. Looking at him, in that moment, Bateman decided that is how he wanted to be if he ever managed to revive his career.

I’m going to be able to be as nice as I want to be and not be nervous that that’s going to be misinterpreted for desperate,” Bateman said. Now that he is venturing into producing and directing, the actor said that Howard is one of the first people to see the final product. We are sure Jason Bateman in his 20s would be delighted to know how far he has come.

Did you know that Ron Howard is the narrator for Arrested Development? Like Bateman, did you find inspiration in someone else? Let us know in the comments below.

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