Watched Rebel Wilson Dancing on Britney Spears’ Crazy? Where Else Can You See Her Showing Her Groovy Moves and “Mermaid Dance”?

Watched Rebel Wilson Dancing on Britney Spears’ Crazy? Where Else Can You See Her Showing Her Groovy Moves and “Mermaid Dance”?

Netflix’s Senior Year came out on May 13 and has been the talk of the Twitter since then. Rebel Wilson has acted and co-produced in the film. It’s about a 37-year-old, who has woken up from a 20-year coma and decides to go back to school. Rebel was widely commended for her work in the movie, especially her dance performance on ‘Crazy’  by Britney Spears. Fans absolutely loved how fiercely she danced and want more of it.

Rebel Wilson’s Britney dance

Rebel Wilson stole everyone’s hearts in the Senior Year plot that led to the Britney dance. It was the dance of freedom, acceptance, friendship and joy. Here’s the clip of her performance and her narrating the experience of the film.

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress known for her roles in Jojo Rabbit and the Pitch Perfect film series. Her energy is so magnetic, fans are hooked to her style. She has done comedy films and is known for her sketch comedy skills and deadpan humor. Here are five other places you can see her dance and perform.

More films to watch Rebel Wilson groove

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

What to Expect When You’re Expecting catches Rebel’s early glimpses of dancing.  She’s plays an enthusiastic employee at a breast-feeding supplies store; and dances with excitement as a reaction to a good news.

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect is a musical comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, where the latter played Fat Amy. Her role in Pitch Perfect gained her popularity and her mermaid dance’ became famous. There are many a places in the movie where Rebel is coolly grooving.

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Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t It Romantic is a Liam Hemsworth movie with Rebel as the lead. It’s a classic romantic movie that’s balanced by Rebel’s satire.

Who is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson was born in Australia and moved to the US to study with the help of Nicole Kidman scholarship. Her talent quickly found a way to shine in Australia when she worked with various theatre companies and performed comedy in different cities. She slowly became a popular TV face there. Already known for comedy, the role of Brynn in Bridesmaids was specifically written for her. That was her entry in the Hollywood; and now she’s a household name. She’s also an avid activist who cares about fat-phobia, feminism and comedy; and uses her influence to reach millions.

Have you watched Senior Year yet? If not check it out here and do let us know in the comments which one of these Rebel’s performances was your favorite.

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