WATCH: Will Smith Working Out Alongside Miami Dolphins Players

WATCH: Will Smith Working Out Alongside Miami Dolphins Players

Will Smith had the time of his life training, along with football quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. The Hollywood star is quite a fit man himself, having to maintain his physique to keep up with his packed schedules and action-filled movies. The 54-year-old who is not in the best limelight since the Oscars still shines when he brings out his lighter side, reminding us of why he is so loved in the first place.

We get a glimpse of that as he juggles between working out and cracking jokes in a video with the Miami Dolphins champions. The video shows their day together as they move from the gym to the field, showing off each other’s skills and exchanging interesting field banter along with the whole crew.

Will Smith entertains us by working out with footballer Tagovailoa

Will Smith keeps feeding us his life updates through his YouTube channel. In an episode of Best Shape of My Life, the actor appeared at the Miami Dolphins training facility training along with Tua Tagovailoa and Dave Puloka. Will’s personal trainer Aaron Ferguson was also present by his side as the actor went through a hectic session of professional training.

He, along with other players, reluctantly had a cup of kava. Consuming the beverage almost has a cultural significance in the Hawaiian and Polynesian communities before they worked out together on foam rollers, bench presses, reverse crunches, and wall ball exercises.

“It was an interesting idea, working for performance more than for aesthetic,” said Smith about his training experience with the footballer.

Elsewhere in the video, the actor admitted to increasing his weight from 183 pounds, for I am Legend to 223 for Muhammad Ali’s biopic Ali. Moreover, in a hilarious moment, the Men in Black actor let out some air as he struggled to exercise, smoothly blaming the side effects of Kava.

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Thereon the crew went to the field, with Tagovailoa showing the Rush Hour actor how to throw a ball, as both took turns hitting the Miami Dolphins logo on a wall. The video ended with both expressing how much they enjoyed the whole session.

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