Watch: When Henry Cavill AKA Superman Cheered for DCEU Against Marvel, a Studio He Is Rumored to Have Signed For Now

Watch: When Henry Cavill AKA Superman Cheered for DCEU Against Marvel, a Studio He Is Rumored to Have Signed For Now

DC Fans are already anxious over the rumors that they may have to share their favorite Henry Cavill with Marvel. The actor’s name has popped up several times along with MCU recently. However, Cavill himself hasn’t refuted or confirmed anything yet as he is away shooting for Netflix’s The Witcher. Meanwhile, a resurfaced video shows the actor rooting for DCEU during the promotions of what appears to be the Justice League. What’s going on, Cavill?! 

Henry Cavill is a DCEU supporter in this old video 

During a fan meet and greet during the promotions of Justice League, the British actor asked the fans who they thought would win in a DC and Marvel showdown. While Marvel fans’ cheers were faint, the room burst into cheers when he said, “Make some noise if you think DC will win.” Dressed in a simple red shirt and jeans and wearing a baseball cap Henry Cavill looked pleased with the reaction. He nodded and slapped his thigh clearly in approval. Meanwhile, beside him, his fellow costar, Aquaman’s Jason Momoa, got a little carried with the cheers! 

The old video showcased the actor rooting for DCU. However, things have taken an interesting turn since then. Fans are worried that the Brit may not return as Superman. Apparently, his demand for a higher paycheck to reprise the roles aren’t sitting well with Warner Bros executives. Meanwhile, new speculations have arisen that think Cavill may make his entry into the Marvel universe soon.

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The rumors first started when Marvel revealed their plans for Phase 6, which involved Fantastic Four. Many believed that Marvel approached the actor to play Reed Richards, although John Krasinski had already made an appearance as Reed in the Doctor Strange sequel. According to the latest rumor, he is set to enter the MCU as the villain. Apparently, Marvel has cast the actor as Hyperion, the evil Superman of Marvel in Loki season 2! 

These are still rumors until the official announcement, but would you feel betrayed by the actor’s changing loyalties if this were to be true? 

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