WATCH: The Harder They Fall Behind the Scenes and Making

WATCH: The Harder They Fall Behind the Scenes and Making

The Harder They Fall doesn’t need an introduction. With a star-studded cast, a well-written script, and thrilling cinematography, the movie quickly became a fan favorite.


While the movie itself doesn’t need any introduction, here’s a run-down of the plot for those who need to be refreshed on it:

The Harder They Fall follows Nat Love (Jonathan Majors) and his gang on a venture to kill Rufus Black (Idris Elba). Both the leading characters are outlaws, fugitives, and gang leaders, and both do not know how to lose. Much has been said about the plot, direction, and acting of the movie. To sum it up, The Harder They Fall is one of the most thrilling releases of the year.

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Behind The Scenes of The Harder They Fall

For fans of a movie that is this magnificent and without a confirmed sequel, even the tiniest of details would be thrilling. In this case, what’s better than a behind-the-scenes video of The Harder They Fall? Netflix has taken care of this!

The video also subtly reminds viewers of the amount of work that goes into production. The actors have to repeatedly keep doing their jobs until they get the one perfect shot. This task is especially tedious in action films, with the people in front of and behind the camera having to work in places not quite comfortable.

Making this situation a little more fun is American actor and comedian Deon Cole. He plays Wiley Escoe in the movie. During a fight scene with Idris Elba’s Rufus Black, Cole brings out his inner comedian and pranks the veteran actor.

Another aspect of the shooting of The Harder They Fall is the theme of this Netflix Original. Shooting in deserts certainly isn’t an easy task. The cast and crew of this particular movie had to work with windy deserts, horses, and action scenes all at the same time.

Followed by shooting are color correction and grading. The video shows scenes before and after the edits and one cannot help but marvel at the difference.

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