WATCH: Shawn Levy Explains How Some of ‘The Adam Project ‘Scenes Were Made

WATCH: Shawn Levy Explains How Some of ‘The Adam Project ‘Scenes Were Made

Netflix has had a great year so far in terms of producing hit content. In March, we had the record-breaking release of Bridgerton season 2. However, this was preceded by the release of The Adam Project in earlier the same month. Since its release, the movie became one of most popular films on Netflix.

And after a month of the film’s initial release, Netflix has given us a behind the scene look at the movie. Director Shawn Levy himself guides us as we learn about the painstaking process of VFX in the film.

Behind the FX of The Adam Project

In the new video by NetflixFilm, we are given an inside look at the film’s two most VFX-heavy scenes. The backyard fight scene and the chase through the woods.

To start off the video, actress Zoe Saldana blows off our minds by saying that the whole backyard was not real. To add to that, director Shawn explains that the entire set was built inside a hockey stadium, and the woods were digitally added.

The Visual FX supervisor of the film Alessandro Ongaro explains the secret behind the Mag-Cyl. For those unaware, Mag-Cyl is a lightsaber-type weapon that Ryan Reynold’s Adam possesses.

So while talking about the weapon, Ongaro and Shawn explain that they had to redesign the weapon all throughout the production. The reason, as stated by the director, was to make it look like more than just a “beam of light.

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According to Ongaro, the car chase scene was the most difficult. He says that actively blending the high vegetation of the background with the moving car was the most challenging part of the process.

Adding to that, Levy explains how the time surfers doing their stunts in the scene were real-life surfers. He says that this blend of actual stunts with VFX made people believe in the scene’s authenticity.

Did you like the VFX in The Adam Project? Let us know in the comments. Also, let us know if you are a supporter of VFX or against it.

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