WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Makes Visitors Work in His Gin Distillery

WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Makes Visitors Work in His Gin Distillery

The Grammy winner Ryan Reynolds left his home to pursue his passion and landed himself in the biggest names of Hollywood. Today, he is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time and has not stopped there only. From running Wrexham AFC to launching his Aviation American Gin brand on British Airways flights, he has become an entrepreneur as well. However, even after experiencing a diverse range of professions, the Deadpool star hasn’t changed a bit. The 45-year-old actor likes to add a tint of humor into everything whether it is an interview or a promotion video. A great example of this was when he made visitors work in his Gin Distillery during the opening of the visitor center in Portland Oregon.

Ryan Reynolds celebrates the grand opening with a hilarious video

In a video posted on YouTube by the official page of Ryan Reynolds, we can see visitors getting to experience the whole distilling process of gin. The actor takes fans on the first tour in the typical Reynolds fashion: by putting them to work. Reynolds and his brand Aviation Gin are firm believers that guests deserve the “full gin-making experience.” As he sends the visitors off to work on areas ranging from packaging to lifting and the attendees stumble around.

The Safe House star said: “Other distillery tours keep their visitors behind glass, but at Aviation, we know that people truly learn by doing.” Meanwhile, he takes one of the visitors with him and says that this tour will be knowledgeable. This playful video also gives us insight into the 33,000-square-foot facility that exhibits the origin of this gin, ending in a true Ryan Reynolds fashion, with the Deadpool actor claiming not understanding what “Is the gin done?” means.

Meanwhile, the Marvel star welcomed people (21 years and older) to visit the Gin distillery in Portland in a media release as told by People.

The caption of the video stated this place is like Disneyland for grown-ups where they will get to taste the best gin in the world. Reynolds calls it an offspring of a theme park and bartender. Does that make you want to visit the distillery?

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What do think about Ryan making promotion fun? Would you like to visit the Aviation Distillery of Portland? Share your views with us in the comment box!

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