WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Gets Some Ryan Treatment as His Twin Brother Roasts Him

WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Gets Some Ryan Treatment as His Twin Brother Roasts Him

Apart from his life-changing role as Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is known for his wit and an amazing sense of humor. In 2016, when GQ selected him as the Man of the Year, the actor was required to shoot an interview for his profile. But instead of going for a normal interview, he instead chose his twin Gordon to interview him. And the resulting interview was a laughing riot as Ryan struggled to get a word in for 2 whole minutes!

Gordon Reynolds tears apart Ryan Reynolds in GQ Man of the Year interview

It turns out that Ryan’s twin brother was actually him in just another outfit. So it was essentially a roast video. And Ryan Reynolds had a blast doing this. He not only poked fun at himself but even his career and his wife.

Gorden didn’t waste any time insulting Ryan. Ryan tried to break the ice with a joke, “we have got two beards in the room”, but his brother retorted that if his wife was here, it would be three. Right up next in the speed interview section, Gordon starts off with  “Why can’t you be like other actors? Good ones.” 

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Reynolds’ Deadpool had just come out that year and it was a massive success. When Gordon questioned him about what clicked with the audience, Ryan tried to give a serious answer. He was beginning to talk about the director, writer, and producer of the flick when Gordon cuts him off citing that it was “boring”. But that wasn’t all. More insults were coming The Adam Project actor’s way. Gordon hit under the belt when he asked him, “Do you consider Deadpool The Green Lantern of good movies?” 

It’s a well-known fact that Green Lantern was the biggest dud in Reynold’s career. Gordon at one point tried to force a confession out of Reynolds that he had eaten the American Bald Eagle. He didn’t leave out his wife, Blake Lively, out of the picture either. He asked Ryan a crude question and Ryan told him off, calling him a “pig”. 

The actor was last seen in Netflix’s The Adam Project. He will next appear in Deadpool 3.

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