WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown Sob Like a Baby, As Her Dog Rejects Her Hairstyling Skills

WATCH: Millie Bobby Brown Sob Like a Baby, As Her Dog Rejects Her Hairstyling Skills

Millie Bobby Brown has achieved enormous stardom through the character of Eleven in Stranger Things. The young actress is not only talented but becoming the face of the fashion world with her charismatic looks. We recently saw some of her beautiful photoshoots with one of the top American beauty magazines, Allure. Her bubbly nature makes it more fun for viewers to remain connected to her.

This youth icon has created a unique place in Hollywood because she has learned “The power and the perils of fame” at such a young age, says the magazine. Still, a little puppy made her cry when she failed to impress her with her hairdo skills. Let’s see why this new playful challenge made Millie sob like a baby.

Millie Bobby Brown showed her hairstyling skills on Winnie the poodle

The official page of Allure shared a video on YouTube where she was invited to play some games on the set. They asked her to try 9 things she had never done before, like making a dress or giving a hairdo. The actress also brought her dog Winnie on the set. She wrapped her puppy in silky cloth to give her a fancy hair look and clipped some fake hairs and cute clips on her Winnie the Pooh(dle).

However, it seemed the dog didn’t like her new hair look, and Millie made a crying face. The actress tried to do best her best while she enjoyed doing something new. Seeing the free-spirited nature of Millie Bobby Brown, it doesn’t feel like she has become a Hollywood Superstar. If you want to see the whole video take a look below:

Moreover, the most incredible thing to see is that her fame and career are growing daily. Like, she has become the face of Allure Magazine for September release. The front page stated: “Millie Bobby Brown At Least 11 Reasons to Love Her.”

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This certainly is a big change as a star in her life, starting from a cameo in shows to becoming the presenter of a famous beauty expert magazine. How do you feel about the success this 18-year-old girl has achieved in a short time? Where will this fame take Enola Holmes star?

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