WATCH: “Marvel Studios Producing Ghost Rider Remake With Ryan Gosling” Is a Tempting Deepfake

WATCH: “Marvel Studios Producing Ghost Rider Remake With Ryan Gosling” Is a Tempting Deepfake

From playing a bankable romantic guy, girls would want to simp on in The Notebook, a passionate pianist in La La Land to a jaw-dropping action hero in The Gray Man and the reincarnation of ‘the perfect prince, living up to every woman’s expectation’ in much anticipated Greta Gerwig helmed Barbie Ryan Gosling has certainly enjoyed quiet a time of his career.

Now imagine the Canadian actor in the avatar of the soulless motorcyclist who could make humans feel all the miseries of life alongside his real-life partner Eva Mendes. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Indeed. Well, one of the digital artists just imagined Gosling playing Johnny Blaze, who sold his soul to the absolute devil, becoming Ghost Rider.

YouTuber imagines Ryan Gosling as Ghost Rider in a Deepfake and you are in for a treat!

Although it is not anytime soon that Ghost Rider will show off his stunts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, YouTuber Stryder HD replaced Nicolas Cage with Ryan Gosling with a few voice modulations as top on to create a convincing deepfake of the Spirit of Vengeance.

Using AI voice modulations, the creator altered Cage’s voice in a scene where his beau, Eva Mendes as Roxxane, is taking an interview of his and cut mixed it with original movie scenes to provide a full preview of how Barbie’s blonde-haired Ken would look had he transformed into headless, rather a rider with a flaming skull on the top. And trust us, it is mind-blowing.

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Notably, after settling the Nova rumors, the Canadian actor also shared his wish to play the spirit of vengeance back in 2022. Furthermore, both Marvel Cinematic Universe and Ryan Gosling have publically addressed they would love to work together on some project. This fan imagination is perhaps a key indication for them.

And, well, watching real-life lovers meddling with each other in the superhero flick will be a sight to behold. Would you also like Ryan Gosling to enter into MCU in a stuntman style? Do let us know in the comment section below. Meanwhile, you can catch up with the 2007 movie on YouTube and Google Play.

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