Watch: How Will Smith Was Left Surprised at One Distinctive Aspect of Rap Albums Today

Watch: How Will Smith Was Left Surprised at One Distinctive Aspect of Rap Albums Today

Before he stepped into the acting industry with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and made it his home ground, many may not know that Will Smith was a famous rapper by the name of The Fresh Prince. Over the years, Smith has mainly focused on acting and producing, bringing him awards and big bucks. At 53, Will Smith is every movie creator’s go-to actor for a blockbuster movie. Not to mention he is among the wealthiest actors worldwide. After seeing the perfection with which he acts, one would say he was born to be an actor.

However, listening to his music will also convince you that he is a talented rapper. The Fresh Prince first gained attention during his time in the hip-hop duo named DJ Jazzy Jeff, which gave him a place in the Billboard Hot 100. For his music, Will Smith has received four Grammy nominations. Be it acting or singing. Will Smith knows how to win. In an interview with Tidal, the double-kill talked about how the music industry has changed and his thoughts on Drake, Kanye West, and Pusha T.

Will Smith on Drake, Kanye West, and Pusha T

If there is one person who is fully entitled to talk about how social media has changed the world, it’s Will Smith. With over three decades in the acting industry, the man has gone from greeting people only once a year on the 4th of July to his face floating around in dozens of memes being shared every day.

So when he talked about the change that social media has brought in, especially for musicians, we were all ears. In a quest to get back to his roots again, Will started listening to the popular rappers today. Drake, in particular, caught Will Smith’s attention.

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The actor said, “with social media, it has become very hard to sustain success. And Drake has managed to sustain his success which is very interesting“. Furthermore, what excited Will the most about the latest albums coming out is how they were only seven tracks.

Earlier, the number of tracks on the album was always in double digits, which was fascinating to Will. Whether the Fresh Prince is making a comeback or not is not confirmed, but now we do know that he is vibing to Drake.

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Check out Will Smith’s amazing performance in Focus on Netflix. Are you more excited about Will Smith’s music, or should he work on a movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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