WATCH: Fear Street Cast Reacts to the Best Death Scenes in the Trilogy

WATCH: Fear Street Cast Reacts to the Best Death Scenes in the Trilogy

Fear Street is an American horror film series with a bunch of teenagers discovering some horrifying moments happening in their town. Fear Street is a trilogy of three films, which were recently released on Netflix. R. L. Stine’s book series of the same name inspired Fear Street trilogy.

The death scenes in the films are horrifying and are going to send chills down your spine. The cast from the Fear Street trilogy reacted to the best death scenes from the three films, and they even dislike some of the death scenes because some of them are too horrifying.

The only words they share are “Oh my God, Oh my God”, “I don’t like this one”, and I can’t watch this.”

The Fear Street cast reacts to the death scenes

Without a doubt, one of the best death scenes in the Fear Street trilogy is when Kate, played by Julia Rehwald, has her face chewed by an industrial meat grinder. It is one of the bloodiest and intense scenes of the entire film. When the Shadyside killer killed Kate, Kiana Madeira claimed, “this is the worst one for me.”

Fear Street: Part two 1978, has some twisted murder scenes when Tommy was possessed. He put an ax straight up Arnie’s head. While watching it, Sadie Sink said, “I think this is one of the worst movies honestly.”

Another best death scene from Fear Street: Part two is where the antagonist beheads Gary in the bathroom stall in front of Ziggy.

The best death scene from part one of Fear Street should be included, as claimed by the cast of Fear Street. Their favorite scene is where Simon is axed in the head. In the supermarket, Tommy strikes Simon from nowhere and sticks his ax in Simon’s cranium. But, wait for it.

The brutal part is yet to come when Tommy releases the blade and the contents of Simon’s head splatters on the ground. Another random death scene was when the nurse Beddy got killed directly in the neck by the skull mask killer. Upon seeing it Olivia Scott Welch claimed, this scene is “so blight.”

After being violently killed by the Skull mask, the nurse’s body was dripped in the fountain of blood, which left Sam and Deeana shocked.

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