WATCH: Breaking Bad And Mario Kart Crossover You Never Saw Coming

WATCH: Breaking Bad And Mario Kart Crossover You Never Saw Coming

Can you imagine the combination of crime drama being collided with the animated game series? Well, die-hard fans of any show can do the impossible. The impossible act of colliding these two worlds has created another level of excitement all over Twitter. Because they love more new things and drama in their life and they find new ways to do it. From Stranger Things, memes to Bridgerton fans have left nothing that they haven’t explored in their creative ways. As we see thousands of new posts fluttering on social media every day. And now they are back with another hilarious video of the rarest match between two shows. Here, watch the Breaking Bad and Mario Kart crossover you never saw coming.

Breaking Bad is having the best of adventure in Mario Kart world

Recently, a fan posted a video on Twitter of Breaking Bad and Mario Kart that was the most amazing idea that ever hit my mind.

“This is the best Breaking Bad meme I’ve ever seen, they’re in Mario Kart 🤣,” read the caption.

So the fan-made viral video brought Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to the rainbow racing tracks of Mario Kart. The scene was picked from the racing scene and now suddenly they were trying to beat each other on a legendary track.

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Moreover, it wasn’t the only hilarious part as we see Jessa takes the trophy and the background is Mario world. Although in the movie winner cheated by throwing a blue shell at Walt and Walter gets stuck by the explosion.

Although Breaking Bad is a very serious show filled with violence and dark themes of the mafia. But fans made it one of the most hilarious thing currently trending on the internet. Because the video on YouTube has already more than 6 lakh view while it was posted one day ago. The creativity of fans is making everyone mad and undoubtedly they are so good at it. Meanwhile, these things do leave some remarkable ideas for creators to think on.

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Would you like to see an actual collision of these two entirely different world? Share your views in the comment section below.

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