WATCH: 3 Minutes of Jinx From ‘Arcane’ Being Absolutely Crazy and Chaotic

WATCH: 3 Minutes of Jinx From ‘Arcane’ Being Absolutely Crazy and Chaotic

Arcane, the animation series of the League of Legends game, is a masterclass in how to write amazing women. Adding to it is the overwhelming storytelling and the world-building that rightfully fetched the team an Emmy. It went through various nuances of femininity and masculinity with both men and women and got this astonishing result. Speaking about characters, everyone is a piece of art in their own way. Amongst them all, the most complex character was Jinx.

If Jinx is not a metaphor for “we wouldn’t have terrorists if we didn’t give them a reason to hate us,” then we do not know what is. She has been hurt, betrayed, and abandoned as a human, who turned into the chaotic Harley Quinn of the League of Legends Arcane universe. Before she became such an unhinged hectic character, she happened to be the loose cannon with a knack for marksmanship. She was just known as a girl with an ambition to help those around her. 

Jinx stands pretty tall for holding most of the emotional weight of  Arcane on her shoulders

To be honest, we were happy for Jinx finally embracing herself through the dawn of the first season. However, we were equally guilty because it came at the expense of all the other characters with whom we had grown so attached. But we guess that is exactly what sums up a morally ambiguous storyline.

It was stunning to know the character arc of Jinx and how she was written. She is portrayed as a psychotic anarchist with extreme PTSD yet as a highly intelligent girl. On-screen, she seems just as innocent in the eyes with her carefree attitude yet temperamental to demonstrate how she never really grew up.

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In addition to that, her dangerous mood switches make her character so interesting and complex. Her brain constantly goes back and forth from a helpless, abandoned, drowned-in vulnerability kid to a smart, vengeful woman to whom the world has been equally unfair.

The animators and character designers did a great job at creating her look. All in all, Jinx, with so many layers and dimensions to her character, is an absolute chef’s kiss. Arcane is full of interesting and compelling characters but all these nuances set Jinx apart from them all.

How did you like Jinx in Arcane? Who was your favorite character in the show? Do let us know in the comments below.

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