Watch: 1 Minute of Millie Bobby Brown Being Her Cute Clumsy Self

Watch: 1 Minute of Millie Bobby Brown Being Her Cute Clumsy Self

It feels like yesterday when we saw Millie Bobby Brown on the sets of Stranger Things wearing a long hospital gown. In the blink of an eye, she has turned 18 flaunting on red carpets and signing big productions. Even though the young actress rose to prominence in the world of fashion and entertainment she is the same person by heart. We see her giggling and pranking with her bestie Noah Schnapp and other people in her life. The big thanks go to this sci-fi drama that brought a future megastar of Hollywood onscreen and gave fans tons of memories and hilarious behind-the-scene moments that we can rewind and rewatch anytime. Let’s take a look at the one minute of Millie Bobby Brown being her cute clumsy self on the internet.

Millie Bobby Brown is home to waves of laughter and adorable smiles

In a video posted on YouTube, a fan made one-minute edit of Millie Bobby Brown’s moments. The clip is a hilarious one showcasing everything from onset shenanigans to funny interviews. The first scene showed a glimpse of Noah and Millie when they filmed a Q&A together on Noah’s YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, the actress was goofing around and screamed at her bestie because he painted a mustache on his face, and she tried to remove it.

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The second scene was when in an interview, she mockingly called out the villains in Stranger Things “Kill the Russian”. Moreover, another clip was from the Jimmy Fallon show where Millie expressed her obsession with the Kardashians’ special language. Enjoy the complete video pinned below:

What are the new projects Stranger Things’ Eleven is working on?

It is quite evident that her talent is bringing Brown not only fame but many new projects in Hollywood. She is getting busy, and things are lined up for her as the days pass by. For instance, Russo Brothers revealed a few months back that the actress is cast in The Electric State.

Meanwhile, she is currently shooting Enola Holmes 2, juggling between her studies and career. She joined Purdue University, which she recently revealed in her Allure interview.

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What do you think about the jet speed the actress is going on? Leave your views in the comment section. Ans stay tuned with us to get all the exclusive information about your favorite stars.

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