“Wasn’t the biggest part”: Stephen McGann Reveals a Casting Secret About Dr. Turner of ‘Call the Midwife’

“Wasn’t the biggest part”: Stephen McGann Reveals a Casting Secret About Dr. Turner of ‘Call the Midwife’

When writing shows with multiple seasons, writers often do not know the future of the characters. Creators just go on with the story and write whatever feels natural. Many phenomena affect their decision about characters and relationships. Like huge appraise for Monica and Chandler’s hookup compelled writers to make them a full-time couple. Similarly, the hit BBC period show Call the Midwife had a somewhat different fate for a popular doctor.

Doctor Turner from Call the Midwife was nearly axed?

Doctor Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann) is a General Practitioner who works closely with the midwives and nurses in Poplar’s poorest district.

The fan-favorite was initially introduced to viewers at the conclusion of season one. Since then, he has continued to be engaged in some of the BBC series’ most compelling plots. But the actor said in a chat that his character was only meant to appear in a few episodes.

While speaking about how his character and how it wasn’t supposed to be a central one, the British actor said, “wasn’t the biggest part in the thing and they couldn’t get certain actors to do it.”

Heidi Thomas, who is Stephen’s wife, writes the show. And it was Heidi’s decision to cast her husband, who was a University student at that time, for the doctor’s role.

“There I am in university and I get a call this [one] day from Heidi and I say, ‘Hello darling, are you in town today I thought you were casting? [she said] ‘yes, yes, we’re casting for the doctor,’ actor recalled getting a call from her wife.

His first reaction was negative as he was a dissertation student at that time and did not have time to act. But his wife persuaded him by saying its a small role, which now has been on the show for 11 seasons.

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“She said, ‘We’ve got a plan, why don’t you come in and do this little part [and we] will work around you so you can carry on being a university person,'” was Heidi’s bargain to get him on the show.

Where to watch the show?

Call the Midwife is currently running its 11th season, and the show is renewed at least for another. So you might want to know where you can stream the show.

Well, Netflix is to the rescue. All nine seasons of the show are currently streaming on Netflix. With the 10th one dropping on March 21st. The 11th season will be streaming on Netflix soon.

What do you think of the showrunner’s decision to save Doctor Turner? Do you like Stephen McGann‘s character? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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