Was the Mysterious ‘H’ Ring Meghan Markle Styled a Hint for Prince Harry?

Was the Mysterious ‘H’ Ring Meghan Markle Styled a Hint for Prince Harry?

Come what may, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have emerged as the epitome of what a powerful couple that has been tested over and over again looks like. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been time and again criticized and lambasted for their anti-royal stance in the public but they have always put up a united front before the public. And this has been the drill right from the beginning. 

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Even before the military prince and the American actress tied their wedding nuptials in the year 2018, the blooming couple shook everyone with their bold stance and commitment towards each other. While Prince Harry went on to officially announce their courtship through Palace papers, Markle for her part wore a shiny ornament with the Duke’s initials on the same. 

Back when the Duke and Duchess were in the nascent stage of their relationship, they made no compromise with an open appreciation of each other. The same was reflected in a loving gesture by Meghan as she wore an alluring golden ring with the letter H on her finger, reported Etonline.

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Sometime in the month of February 2017, the then 35-year-old Suits star was snapped carrying a bouquet of refreshing white flowers from shops around Kensington Palace. Nonetheless, more than her appearance, it was the ring that got the people buzzing all over the internet. 

What did the H in the ring of Meghan Markle stand for? 

As enchanting as it was, the answer could not have been easier. As made evident from the couple’s recent bombshell Docu-Series on Netflix, the Duchess has a habit of addressing the Duke, Prince Harry as H for Harry. Time and again she has used the letter instead of Harry’s full name. 

It thus probably dated back to the time they started courting. The letter H on Markle’s finger can point at no one else except the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry himself. As beautiful as the ring was, it perfectly went with Markle’s sense of clothing. At the time she was first captured with the ring, the Suits star wore an elegant parka, and rain boots while keeping it as casual as she could. 

What are your opinions on the same? How did you like Meghan Markle’s sweet gesture for Prince Harry? Let us know in the comments below. 

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