Was the Impromptu Wedding of Colby and Madlyn Kissinger Preplanned or a Sudden Surprise?

Was the Impromptu Wedding of Colby and Madlyn Kissinger Preplanned or a Sudden Surprise?

The essence of any reality television show, especially ones related to dating, is indecisiveness. Couples come together as one, fight with one another, part their way briefly, and are brought together yet again by controversy, before eventually finally going their separate ways. It almost always is an entire rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. Madlyn Ballatori and Colby Kissinger from The Ultimatum is the biggest example of a relationship we’d best describe as a rollercoaster.

A rundown of their entire relationship

The two initially met when Madlyn was a sophomore who had had a recent breakup. Colby, however, was ardently pursuing her, something Madlyn appreciated. After this brief stint in 2015, Madlyn and Colby met again in 2020, during the beginning of the COVID pandemic. They both found themselves in the same city, Austin, and “decided to make a go of it.”

What started out as a relationship with one partner significantly more enthusiastic than the other ended up on a reality television show that was the spinoff of Love is Blind. During the course of the show, their relationship seemed extremely turbulent. Additionally, Colby had even had a fling with a woman he met at a bar. While it seemed like this would mark the end of their relationship, the Netflix series had the most unexpected finale.

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Colby Kissinger and Madlyn Ballatori were to get married! More so, they were to get married immediately. But, this begs the question, was the marriage planned, or was it truly something that happened in an instant?

Was the Colby and Madlyn Kissinger wedding planned?

After a year and a half of dating with future plans in mind, it turns out you pretty much know what your partner wants and what they don’t. Colby knew precisely what Madlyn wanted for a wedding. He was aware of her likes and dislikes. She said, “I really kind of always wanted to elope and do our own thing. I don’t enjoy the whole production” of “a big wedding”. She also spoke about how if there was one thing she could change, it would be the “50-person camera crew”. But apart from that, it was just as she’d imagined.

Colby essentially chose everything Madlyn would’ve wanted for the wedding. From Madlyn’s side, it was completely impromptu. However, the wedding we saw on the Netflix Original wasn’t legally binding. And so, the couple went to a courthouse the very next day where Madlyn also found the privacy she wanted.

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