Was Henry Cavill Planning to Leave His Dream Show, ‘The Witcher’ Ever Since Its Second Season?

Was Henry Cavill Planning to Leave His Dream Show, ‘The Witcher’ Ever Since Its Second Season?

The world is still in shock that Henry Cavill has disowned his white-haired medieval monster butcher avatar for his red and blue cape. It was around the Christmas of 2019 that fans got this mind-boggling sword and sorcery epic to feast their eyes with. Ever since, it was more than obvious that the 6’2 inches high, muscular British actor is born for this role. He has ingrained every bit of the character within himself so passionately that Cavill’s recasting became our biggest fear.

The news of the Man of Steel actor leaving his dream role came as a stab in our hearts. Ever since, fans are trying to dig deeper to find the actual reason behind it. Many are also calling out Netflix and showrunner Lauren Hissrich to recast The Witcher’s character alum. A news report recently suggested that our speculations are true. Henry Cavill left the series because of creative differences.

Reports suggest Henry Cavill left The Witcher for creative differences

According to Redanian Intelligence, the actor was considering parting ways with the show ever since the production of the second season. The reason being, he and the producers were not on the same page regarding the portrayal of the character. While Cavill wanted them to bring a carbon copy of Sapkowski’s Geralt, the showrunners were okay to bring a hint of their own creativity into the character.

Notably, Henry Cavill was so attached to the series that he was ready to fit two projects in a year. In one statement the Britisher had mentioned he will always stay committed to the series “as long as we can keep telling great stories which honor Sapkowski’s work.” In yet another interview with Josh Horowitz, he talked about the importance of stopping when you believe you are doing something wrong, perhaps hinting at his wish to leave the series, eventually.

The source also reports that few of the crew members had followed Liam Hemsworth on Instagram during the production of The Witcher season 3. This only suggests that they have been eyeing him for the role for a long time.

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