“Was a few dollars less” – Meghan Markle Reveals a Big Hit From Her Online Shopping for Day Out With Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

“Was a few dollars less” – Meghan Markle Reveals a Big Hit From Her Online Shopping for Day Out With Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Meghan Markle shares a warm and close camaraderie with Canada’s first lady, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau. Their friendship dates back to Markle’s acting days when she was residing in Toronto. The Duchess of Sussex narrated tales of her friendship with Trudeau during the eighth episode, Good Wife / Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom, of her podcast Archetypes as she invited her dear friend alongside Pamela Adlon and Sam Jay. 

During her introduction of Trudeau, Meghan Markle revealed that the former has much more to her personality than being the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The former American actress further recalled Sophie Trudeau’s visit to her California home earlier this year. The two friends had a blast at the pool party as the retired television host visited the Sussexes with her three children, Hadrien, Ella-Grace, and Xavier. In the podcast, Markle revealed how she made preparations for the party with the help of online shopping.

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Meghan Markle shares a tip for hosting the pool party

Canada’s first lady and Meghan Markle shared giggles and whispers in the latter’s Montecito home as they swam and drank wine. The two women were at their relaxed best throughout the day with wild curly hair, linen swimsuits, and big belly laughs. Speaking about her preparation for the pool party, Markle revealed a major online shopping tip. Just like most women across the globe, the Suits alum loves discounts and savings. While purchasing stuff for the party, she realized that the inflatable pizza floats are cheaper without pepperoni on them. 

“We swam, we drank wine, we splashed in the water, then threw some pool floats in. By the way, the inflatable pizza slice proved to be a big hit, which I found online and I kid you not. The one without pepperoni was a few dollars less than the one with pepperoni,” Markle said in the podcast. 

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