Vikings: Valhalla Star Frida Gustavsson Reveals What She Wishes to Learn From the Witcher Co-Star Henry Cavill

Vikings: Valhalla Star Frida Gustavsson Reveals What She Wishes to Learn From the Witcher Co-Star Henry Cavill

Imagine being so good at your work and your manner that even the Vikings that lived a thousand years ago cannot help but appreciate you. Well, that is exactly the feat our beloved Geralt of Rivia, aka Henry Cavill, has achieved. Cavill is an absolutely beautiful human being off the set, but it still gives us pleasure to hear about it from his fellow co-workers. This time around, Vikings: Valhalla actress Frida Gustavsson took the baton for Henry’s appreciation.

The star of the latest sequel to History TV’s Vikings, Frida, has had the opportunity to work with one of the biggest names of the industry on another Netflix project, i.e., The Witcher. And while recalling those early days of her career, she talked about how important Henry Cavill made her feel during their brief interaction. Frida played the role of Geralt’s (Henry Cavill) mother, Visenna, for a mere 2 scenes in The Witcher Season 1. And in that little time, she witnessed the humbleness that Cavill is so famous for.

Vikings: Valhalla actress, Frida Gustavsson reveals why Henry Cavill is an inspiration for her

Frida Gustavsson played the role of a rather mysterious figure in the first season of The Witcher. She brought to life the character of Visenna, Geralt’s mother, who is also a sorceress. Even though we see her for a brief scene only, the Vikings: Valhalla actress revealed how Henry Cavill made her feel important during the shooting. She also talked about how Henry Cavill treats everyone with respect on the set. She even praised Cavill for his kindness, even got inspired by him.

While talking to Collider, she said, “The thing that I think I take away from it the most (from The Witcher) is working with Henry Cavill. He taught me so much on how a #1 should behave.” She also revealed how Cavill is always a friendly presence on the set. She also observed how Henry moved on the set “Making sure that everyone on the set’s comfortable, making sure that everyone knows his name, that he knows their names.

Well, this is not the first time we have stories from fellow actors praising the sweetness and kindness of Henry. Even Freya Allan, who plays the role of Ciri in the show, has talked about how supportive Cavill is in real life.

Well, we hope the crew is ready, cause once again The Witcher team will assemble as the filming of season 3 will soon begin.

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