Vikings: Valhalla Pits Norwegian Vikings Against the Greenlanders

Vikings: Valhalla Pits Norwegian Vikings Against the Greenlanders

We all await February 25, the day on which the Greenlanders will step into the world of the Vikings in Norway. Vikings: Valhalla comes to our screen, and along with it brings the world-famous tale of the conflict between the Christians and the Pagans. Following the footsteps of its predecessor, this Netflix series will have religious conflict as a central theme as well. However, this time, the feud is among two different groups of Vikings themselves.

Ahead of the release of the series, Netflix released a short video featuring the cast and the creators of the show. In the clip, we see them talk about the situations that develop in the show; how the Greenlanders to Norway affect the religious harmony of the region. Amidst all this, we see a rather beautiful relationship flourishing; which will probably bring about a change? Or maybe not?

The Christians vs The Pagans: the central plot of Vikings: Valhalla

Sure, the video opens up at a point where we see Harald praising the Greenlanders. But soon it is pretty clear that this is all going to turn into a religious conflict. Jeb Stuart, the showrunner/writer of the series, talked about how embedding the characters like Leif and Freydis seemed to be fairly natural. As it is a well-known fact that Leif Eriksson was one of the first Europeens to step foot on the North-American continent.

We then see Frida Gustavsson talk about how Freydis and her brother grew up in Greenland, fighting polar bears, hunting their own food, and with Pagan beliefs. Stuart then solidifies the fact that the conflict between Christian Vikings and Pagans is bound to happen, as the former are hell-bent on complete conversion.

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Amidst all this, we have Harald and Freydis bonding and falling in love with each other. Which makes us think about the similarities between the current world and the world of the past. It is fairly easy to draw parallels between our time and the time shown in Vikings: Valhalla. And honestly, we can not wait to lay our eyes on this beautiful show.

Vikings: Valhalla will be available for streaming on Netflix from February 25, 2022. Tell us which character are you looking forward to the most?

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