Victim of ‘Euphoria’ Nudity, Sydney Sweeney Was Uncomfortable During S*X Scenes in Her Supernatural Horror – “It’s always like…”

Victim of ‘Euphoria’ Nudity, Sydney Sweeney Was Uncomfortable During S*X Scenes in Her Supernatural Horror – “It’s always like…”

Sydney Sweeney has become an international star after starring in the shows Euphoria and The White Lotus. As much as she was liked for her performance in the shows, she also received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her fantastic acting.

Known for being bold as well as doing bold scenes, Sweeney was appreciated for the dynamic and explicit scenes she did in Euphoria. It is a tough task to get naked or do s*x scenes in front of the camera, but Sydney has supposedly mastered that skill. However, the confidence with which she does this screening was not initially there.

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The time when Sydney Sweeney felt uneasy filming s*x scenes

Initially, the 25-year-old began her career by doing cameos in shows such as Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy. But she got her first big role in Netflix’s comedy-drama, Everything Sucks! It was a clean comedy and there were barely any s*x scenes in the show.

However, in 2020, Sydney did the movie Nocturne, in which the Washington native had to do a s*x scene in front of the camera. According to Koi Moi, when she was questioned about her most challenging scene from Nocturneher answer was the lovemaking scene that she did.

“I was actually really uncomfortable. It was funny because I kept all my clothes on, but I still felt uncomfortable. But I guess it’s always like that,” she explained. However, that scene later turned out to be one of the most talked-about scenes in the horror movie.

Nocturne is a horror-drama movie in which Sydney played the role of Juliet Lowe, the twin sister to Vivian Lowe, played by Madison Iseman. One of the reasons why she played Juliet Lowe was because she wanted to do something completely different from her character Cassie in Euphoria.

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Apparently, her role in Nocturne was a perfect match for what she was looking for. She also wanted to do the role because it had many psychological challenges that Sydney was willing to try out. She has become more comfortable doing explicit scenes on camera, for which she receives appreciation from critics as well as her fans.

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