Vanessa Hudgens’ My Little Pony: A New Generation Song We Can’t Stop Listening To

Ponies are cute. There I said it; even though the popular belief says girls are the only ones who like them, I can say it from Team Boys that we find ponies absolutely adorable. But what is cuter than a pony? A world of ponies. And what is more amazing than a world of ponies? Vanessa Hudgens playing one pony! You read it right, the lovely Vanessa Hudgens is here and is ready to sing you the My Little Pony song on Netflix.

Sunny Starscout, a young female earth pony donning purple hair, is the body of Hudgen’s voice. Set in the imaginary world of Equestria, where everyone believes there can never be harmony in the world; but not our Sunny. Netflix‘s creation of this fictional setting is truly endearing and, of course, will turn you into a kid while you munch on cookies with a glass of milk watching the movie.

The bright little pony

Our very own Vanessa is a literal ray of sunshine whenever she is on the screen; be it High School Musical and its sequels, Sucker Punch, Journey to the Mysterious Island, and The Princess Switch are just a few of them. All this while, her growth as a singer never stopped. Owner of a beautiful voice, and great acting skills, Vanessa sure makes everyone’s heart skip a beat.

Sunny is on a mission, a mission to inspire the world to love and understand each other; and while doing that, she often breaks into songs throughout the course of the movie. Hudgens is all in for this, well, because she was born for this? And also acting and singing are the two things that have made her the star she is today.

My Little Pony song – Gonna be my day

While the movie does have an abundance of songs and musical numbers that will make the audience dance to the tunes; there is one song that has particularly caught an eye and in a true sense describes the character of Sunny, i.e., Gonna be my day. A song that captures the bright and positive side of the young pony who has set out to change the world.


Vanessa Hudgens has perfectly said it throughout her vocals; the optimism and strength that Sunny holds inside of her. The song is, of course, full of life and will definitely make you want to dance, but it also introduces us to the lead character in the most amazing and accurate way possible. While the world ensures that there is no unity among ponies, Sunny believes on the contrary.

We would recommend you to sit down and enjoy Vanessa dig deep in her arsenal, and pull out amazing vocal performance in My Little Pony song; and we are absolutely sure that you will vibe to “gonna be, gonna be, gonna be my day..” for months.

You can stream My Little Pony on Netflix now.

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