Utterly Hateful Angela (Elodie Grace Orkin) on Playing a Mean Bully in Stranger Things 4: “I get to be something…”

Utterly Hateful Angela (Elodie Grace Orkin) on Playing a Mean Bully in Stranger Things 4: “I get to be something…”

As humanity, there is one experience besides watching the sunset and sunrise that we all share. That experience is being bullied at least once in our lives. No matter how tough and strong you are now or will become, 99/100 times someone was stronger than you and made sure you knew that. And even though Eleven from Stranger Things is overpowered, to be bullied. It was Elodie Grace Orkin who gave her a taste of it in Stranger Things.

The newest addition to the roaster, Elodie’s character, is El’s classmate, Angela, in her new high school. And thus, just like any other school, this too has a designated baddie who makes the lives of people hell. Even though El has been through hell in the Upside Down, this new experience of bullying is not something she has ever faced. In a recent video with J-14 Magazine, Elodie Grace Orkin revealed how it was to bully Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things Season 4.

Elodie Grace Orkin says Eleven is nice, after bullying her for the entire Stranger Things season

Well, even if you are the meanest bully to ever exist, there is no way you can hate Millie Bobby Brown. And that is exactly what Elodie proved when she sat to talk about her experience on the Netflix Original series. “Well, she’s so nice as well,” Elodie said. “Just playing her classmate was insane“. She also said that it’s just a very fun role to play.


However, she also revealed that she is nothing like her character in real life. That is also a reason she had so much fun while playing Angela in Stranger Things Season 4. She revealed she is not exactly a meek person, but in real life, she avoids confrontations. And acting is the one job where you can explore a plethora of aspects even when they do not really define who you are. Thus, it is no surprise that she enjoyed bringing life to the character of Elodie.

It was also easy for her to bully El because she lost her powers at the beginning of season 4.

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