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USUAL SUSPECT: Kanye West Under Fire Once Again, for Allegedly Throwing Away a Woman’s Phone

Kanye West is not very pleased with the paparazzi following him. In a rage, the singer acted out on one of the photographers clicking him. Now, a celebrity’s relationship with the paparazzi is a mixed one. It all depends on the situation that the celebrity is in. For Ye, he has been enjoying his new marriage in private.

The Donda singer was all over social media with his controversial news, talking on podcasts to news reporters. But the entertainer then disappeared suddenly, leading to speculations. Only to be then found along with a new life partner, Bianca Censori. His marriage news has shocked everyone, with the paparazzi following him everywhere. Now, Ye has come under investigation for battery against a woman who tried to click on him.

Kanye West becomes a suspect in battery investigation over throwing a woman’s phone

After anti-Semitic comments, Kanye West is now in trouble over a row with the paparazzi. As per TMZ, police are investigating the case as Ye and the photographer got into a heated argument over her clicking him. Ye who seemed irritated accused her of following him. “You’re a celebrity,” she exclaimed while continuing to shoot him. It reached a point where he threw her phone away. The whole incident was captured on a phone. Ye then went and sat in his car with Bianca Censori, who kept her distance from the drama. Meanwhile, the photographer was clicked walking with the police.

Deputies from Ventura County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene of the incident by 4:30 pm. Although there is no saying whether the woman was a legitimate member of the paparazzi or just a regular citizen following him. But this is not the first time the Donda singer has come into an argument with a journalist.

The singer also confronted other paparazzi when in the company of Censori. He told the photographer about how the paparazzi are the reason he started taking medicines. He mentioned his late father and photographer Ray West and said how balanced he was. The investigation regarding his throwing his phone is still ongoing. It will be seen if any action will be taken over the row now.

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