“Use your spidey senses”- When Will Smith and Tom Holland Paired Up in a Surprising Deadshot X Spiderman Crossover

“Use your spidey senses”- When Will Smith and Tom Holland Paired Up in a Surprising Deadshot X Spiderman Crossover

Will Smith and Tom Holland once survived an escape room. Smith is one of the most renowned actors in Hollywood that has been in the limelight since the 90s, while Tom Holland gained his fame with the breakthrough role in Spiderman quite recently. The two worked together in 2019 for the Nick Bruno and Troy Quane direction Spies in Disguise.

The two actually voiced the main characters of the movie, since it was an animated one. The funny animated movie plot revolves around a secret agent who is transformed into a pigeon (Will) by a young scientist (Tom) and the two must find a way to stop an angry cybernetic terrorist. The two met for the promotion of the movie and went on an Escape Room adventure together.

Will Smith and Tom Holland on their day together

Will Smith and Tom Holland met for the first time together to promote their new movie Spies in Disguise. On his YouTube channel, Will Smith uploaded a video of them teaming up to win an Escape room. They were both blindfolded and taken to the room where both are separated and must find each other before finding an exit. Both are given a mic to speak, and Holland shouts about whether he should remove the blindfold. Will hilariously responds with: “Use your spidey senses and get us out of here.”

Thereon, both communicate and find each other while continuing to find hints. During this, Will gave Holland a jumpscare, with the Spiderman actor howling in fear. At one of the last stages, they must type a code, and the hint for which is a reference to their then-upcoming movie, and the answer turns out to be its release date, which was 12/25/2019. But Holland is an English actor, must arrange them in an American style, and so he does. And finally, the suspense ends, they exit from the Escape room successfully.

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The video ends with scenes from the Spies in Disguise movie and both Will and Holland promoting the film. Despite the age difference, the duo seemed to enjoy each other’s company a lot. Would you like to see this dynamic duo work together again? Let us know in the comments.

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