Unpopular Opinions That Might Offend Love, Death + Robots Fans

Unpopular Opinions That Might Offend Love, Death + Robots Fans

Fans are going to social media sites like Reddit to discuss the current season of Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots, which has sparked some heated debate. The acclaimed episodic series continues to immerse viewers in strange dystopian, magical, or future realms. And exploring hard-hitting themes that frequently represent humanity’s tangled connection with technology. 

Some critics have slammed the highly praised series, which has been compared to the more popular anthology series Black Mirror. There are some extremely unpleasant ideas regarding LDR on Reddit. A few people not only feel that some episodes are overrated. But also feel the show itself is unworthy of the praise.

Let us look at some aspects of the show that people do not like in particular.

Love Death + Robots is repetitive

Because of the continually shifting directors, actors, and crew, audiences rarely know what to anticipate with each new installment of Love, Death + Robots. But not everyone thinks that.

While the series “has great art and some cool ideas, nothing there surprised except for one or two twists.” says DaviLean, who had a different experience than others.

The storylines are boring

The anthology series is famous not just for its revolutionary animation. But also for its well-written storylines that frequently defy expectations and tackle difficult subjects. However, “the writing” does not impress a deleted Redditor. The user describes it as “some of the most derivative, unoriginal, and contrived stuff in recent memory.”

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It is unworthy of its fame

Love, Death + Robots is frequently mentioned among other successful animated series, and both audiences and critics consistently praise it.

This, according to Redditor daemonman12, should not be the case. The user feels the series “does not deserve its reputation” because “most” of its episodes feature a “very basic storyline.”

It’s a little snobby

The Netflix Original is popular for its diverse spectrum of visual aesthetics and compelling storytelling, both of which are evident in the newest season. However, a Redditor, who has since been banned, does not “get why it’s so highly rated,” characterizing the series as “just a bunch of complex pretentious shorts that leave zero impact.”

Not all people certainly love the Netflix Original. But one thing is for certain there hasn’t been a show like Love, Death + Robots ever.

Let us know if you guys love the show or not? Also, comment below if you guys agree with the above accusations or not.

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