The Unicorn Season 2 Update for Netflix- All You Need to Know

The Unicorn Season 2 Update for Netflix- All You Need to Know

The Unicorn is coming down on Netflix (and CBS). The CBS show, which premiered in 2019, is about a widower who goes through ups and downs as he raises his two children single-handedly and tries to move on from his now-dead wife. Walton Goggins plays the lead character. As we all know, Walton Goggins is a master of comedies, so it is in this case too. The first episode aired on CBS on 26th September 2019. 

The show focuses on Wade (Walton), a single father, who is encouraged by his friends to move on from the demise of his wife and look for love again. As he tries to handle both his kids and his new dating app (many, many women), both collide. Hence, he goes to his friends, who are always encouraging him to do what’s best for him, who call him the title of the show, the unicorn. 

The Netflix audience was keen to see season 2. Unfortunately for them, they won’t even have season 1 to watch as it is leaving the streaming platform on October 1st, 2021. The Unicorn has come and awed people, and now it’s leaving the platform with grace. 

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Will Netflix hold it up as CBS cancels it?

Well, no. The sad news is that following CBS’ cancellation of the show, Netflix hasn’t even added season 2 of The Unicorn to its roster, let alone acquire the show. So, The Unicorn fans will have to be content with having the option of catching Season 1 till October 1st.

There could be many reasons for canceling the show. One of the hot topics going on across the world is the pandemic. However, the show’s place in the network’s rankings may have played a part in the decision. 

Where can I watch season 1 and season 2 of The Unicorn?

You can watch The Unicorn Season 1 on Netflix till it’s there, or you can also watch it on CBS till they take it off their channel. 

It is very sad that Netflix is losing such a feel-good show, but that’s what’s happening. We can’t help it. Till then, watch The Unicorn and enjoy it!

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