Unfazed Mila Kunis Handles The Typical New York Booing at Jimmy Kimmel Show With Utter Elegance

Unfazed Mila Kunis Handles The Typical New York Booing at Jimmy Kimmel Show With Utter Elegance

With enormous stardom comes an equal amount of hatred. This phrase holds for almost all Hollywood actors and actresses throughout their careers. While some completely dwell in the extremities, some chose to remain in the gray area. Such actors always have to face unpredictable backlash only to win them over with pure affection and absolute elegance. One such actress who can clearly be said to be the master of this act is Mila Kunis. 

Mila was recently in the news because of her baffling interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live. The star gave yet another example of how to handle an audience the other day. Here is what happened at the show. 

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Mila Kunis Booed By Jimmy Kimmel Audience 

Inside the Brooklyn Academy Music’s Opera House of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Mila got a very warm reception in the initial moments of the show. However, it all went quickly the polar opposite when the star revealed her hometown. No sooner did Mila deny that she was not a New Yorker, than someone from the audience booed the star. 

However, that was not it. Boos are contagious and they quickly get on the wings like wildfire. Similar is what happened when Kunis went on to describe her journey of settling in the USA. She described that she was originally from Ukraine and had shifted to America to follow her passion. Following this Jimmy asked her about American cuisine speaking of pizza. This time Mila was vigilant enough about the next boo wave by the audience. 

How did Mila handle the back-to-back negative feedback?

Hence she made the first swing by directly asking the audience if they were ready with their boo(s) before answering the question. It happened as anticipated. The crowd followed up with another boo cry targeted at Mila. A possible reason for such treatment might have been another bizarre revelation that the star did. Earlier in the interview, Kunis had opened up about a wardrobe malfunction that happened a few moments before the show. 

However, the actress again made a final swing by saying, “you know what, I’m wearing children’s underwear for you.” This surprisingly got the audience on her side and the “symphony of boos and asshhs,” halted for a while. Nevertheless, this was not for long either. Though the crowd went on with another round of boos, they stopped it when she promoted her then-upcoming movie, Luckiest Girl Alive.

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What do you think about the entire fiasco? How would have you handled the situation if you were in Mila’s place? How did you like her movie? Jot down all your thoughts below. 

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