UNDIVIDED SUPPORT! Princess Diana’s Biographer Reveals the Huge Contrast Between Prince Harry and the Late Royal

UNDIVIDED SUPPORT! Princess Diana’s Biographer Reveals the Huge Contrast Between Prince Harry and the Late Royal

The royal sentiment says that Prince Harry has followed in the footsteps of his late mother Princess Diana by writing his memoir, Spare. In 1992, Andrew Morton shook the royal family by releasing a book titled Diana: Her True Story. The sensational biography touched upon the unheard incidents of the former Princess of Wales’ life, including her rocky marriage with then Prince Charles, the presence of Camilla Parker Bowles, and her bulimia

At that time, Princess Diana denied being associated with Morton. However, a few years after her death, the author claimed that the Princess helped him write the book with the help of a common friend by secretly recording the answers to his questions. Many royal fans are of the opinion that Prince Harry’s and his mother’s books are quite similar to each other as they used them as a medium to reflect on their royal life. However, Andrew Morton pointed out a key difference that separates the two publications.

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Is Prince Harry regretting his decision to write a memoir?

In a candid conversation with Hello, Morton labeled Meghan Markle as the biggest difference between Prince Harry and the late Princess Diana. Unlike his mother, the Sussex royal has the backing of his spouse. He has his family by his side and is fighting to protect them from the institution

“He has the undivided support of his wife, which is very different. I mean, this is a huge contrast between Harry and Diana. Diana was talking about a broken marriage, an unhappy marriage. Harry’s talking about unhappiness with an institution,” Andrew Morton claimed. 

Further, he also dismissed the reports of Prince Harry, regretting his collaboration with Penguin Random House. Morton believes that the royal would have weighed the pros and cons before going ahead with the memoir. Just like the late Princess of Wales, the California-based royal will not be regretting his decision. Following the release of Diana: Her True Story, many royal experts claimed that she immensely regretted her contribution to the book.

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However, as per Morton, Diana Spencer was relieved by her decision. Meanwhile, within 24 hours, Spare registered itself as the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time with a whopping 1.43 million copies. Just like the Duke’s tell-all book, the former Princess of Wales’ biography also received immense love as a total of five million copies were sold all across the globe.

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One thought on “UNDIVIDED SUPPORT! Princess Diana’s Biographer Reveals the Huge Contrast Between Prince Harry and the Late Royal

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    C Hays
    January 19, 2023 at 12:42 am

    I read the book. I saw the Netflix series and I have seen the tabloids absolutely trash Prince Harry, his wife and children. I consider his family’s pandering to such low life Murdock worms as despicable and abhorrent.
    I believe his words. Each day the British tabloids come out out with more dirt and lies. Shame on his “Royal” family. There is nothing royal about them. Camilla brought her trash with her. Watching the coronation is a joke. There is only pomp. His family would serve him up to the tabloids believing it makes them look better? People will never love Charles or William until they make this right.
    I wish Prince Harry and his family a peaceful and joyful life of freedom.

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