‘The Umbrella Academy’ Fans Suggest How Lila Can Use Klaus’s Powers for a Backstory

‘The Umbrella Academy’ Fans Suggest How Lila Can Use Klaus’s Powers for a Backstory

The Umbrella Academy is one of the most watched and cherished shows on Netflix after its major blockbuster hits like Stranger Things and Ozark. The show follows a supernatural plotline quite parallel to Stranger Things with a group of seven powerful siblings of a broken family. But as the show progresses, each of them expresses their vulnerabilities but we have one sibling to worry about the most. Here’s what Redditors have to say about it lately.

The Umbrella Academy fans talk about how to get Lila’s powers back

Fans have been discussing Lila’s supernatural power of being able to mimic the powers of all her other siblings. But there are some limitations that Lila’s powers have to abide by. In the latest season, we see her essentially mimicking the powers of everyone she has on her radar. Especially Fei’s crow manifestation from her body and Viktor’s sonic vibration that Lila can literally copy and paste on her target.

But her powers are limited and temporary because, firstly, she isn’t able to attain a single power if no one is around her or in her proximity to feed off their powers. Secondly, she can only use a power one at a time while all others in the Academy do not have to rely on anyone else in particular to use their powers.

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Fans try to figure out a crossover of powers between Lila and Klaus 

Fans trying to find a solution to this has raised questions over social media. Redditors want to know whether Lila can leech on Klaus’s powers and become immortal like him. While some wonder if she will use his powers to meet her parents.

Lila x Klaus from theumbrellaacademy

Some say it’d be easier for her to use Klaus’s power without much difficulty. While others say, it would be too hard on her. In season 3, it became evident that Klaus was not going to die, at least not any sooner. Thus, curious fans ask if Lila uses her power to use her siblings’ then could she be immortal too.

However, it would only work by dying and coming back, so if she dies and Klaus doesn’t, then she wouldn’t be able to because Klaus isn’t there. Worse, if Klaus also dies and they somehow end up together then she can only go back if the rest of them can use their powers in the afterlife. However, at this point, it isn’t really known, so we can’t be sure. A user even said, “Klaus wouldn’t like that..

While we wait for Lila and the academy to regain her powers through any theories, binge-watch all the episodes of the latest The Umbrella Academy season only on Netflix.

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