Two Years Since ‘Fruits Basket’ Season 3 Premiere Twitter Still Can’t Stop Talking About the Anime

Two Years Since ‘Fruits Basket’ Season 3 Premiere Twitter Still Can’t Stop Talking About the Anime

Animes are known to have a cult-like following. However, in the anime genre as well, this cult-like following is mostly synonymous with anime series that are high on action. However, one that defies all odds is Fruits Basket. Not only does it make its mark through its emotional and wholesome storyline and characters, but it has been adapted a few times since its original one in 2001.

While the original version was mostly enjoyed by the Japanese crowd, by the time a reboot was released in 2019, the anime fandom had already quadrupled in size and already were loving the Fruits Basket manga. The manga was released in 1998, and it was only years later that an adaptation that audiences loved made its way through. And fans were immediately impressed by the top-notch animation, storytelling, and character arcs.

What makes Fruits Basket so special?

The manga was written by Natsuki Tayakaya. And it was Yoshihide Ibata that took on the challenge of making an anime series that would win the hearts of Fruits Basket manga fans and also gain many more in others. The announcement first came in 2018, and season 1 premiered in 2019. One of the first compliments that was unanimously agreed upon was the fact that the anime was a masterclass in adaptation. Not only did they adapt the manga into a screenplay brilliantly, but it also introduced new characters that add to the storyline.

At the helm of affairs in this anime masterpiece is Tohru Honda. Although optimistic and full of sunshine by nature, Honda loses her entire family in a tragedy. This ultimately ends up in her living in a tent. To take things up a notch, she sets up her net on the private land owned by the mysterious Sohma clan. Fruits Basket for anime fans is their very own Twilight. And if you compare the two, you may end up ferociously claiming that Fruits Basket is superior, much like fans on Twitter.

Will the anime have a new season?

The last season to air was the third season of Fruits Basket which was released in 2021. The end to the trilogy was one of the most spectacular and well-rounded endings that fans have been blessed with in a long time.

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It follows Tohru Honda as she fights the final battle to free the Sohma clan of the evils that hold them by the jugular. Moreover, the hug toward the end of the anime has a separate fanbase of its own. While fans will cheer again if anyone were to announce another season, so far they are contemptuous of the season 3 ending that they got.

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