Two Universes One Devil: Here’s Why Tom Ellis and Gwendoline Christie Are The Same Lucifer

Two Universes One Devil: Here’s Why Tom Ellis and Gwendoline Christie Are The Same Lucifer

This has been a heated conversation since the character of Lucifer played by Gwendoline Christie was announced in The Sandman. People are constantly comparing how this emperor of Hell has a resembling presentation in both the Netflix shows. The urban fantasy Lucifer features Tom Ellis as the ruler of this dark world who becomes dissatisfied with his conventional role of king. He abandons his throne and moves to Los Angeles to indulge in human life while finding many adventures.

If you haven’t watched the show, you may not easily find the similarities between these Lucifers. What would likely be surprising news for viewers is that both the characters have originated from DC Comics. Thus, Tom and Gwendoline are the same Lucifer. How? Here’s how.

Gwendoline Christie and Tom Ellis have familiar roles in both the shows on Netflix 

The Sandman season 1 ended with Lucifer vowing to take revenge from Dream for the shameful defeat. Her ego was bruised when she had to let her enemy go in front of all the devils of Hell. Joining hands with the assembled rulers of Hell, Morningstar frames a devious plan to invade The Dreaming and other worlds.

As the comics depict, her next step would be renouncing her rule of Hell and venturing into the human world. In the human world, she would open a piano bar just like the Lucifer of Lucifer opened a bar in Los Angeles after he felt tired of ruling his realm. Subsequently, both the Lucifers walk on the same path in their respective storylines, making the portrayal the same.

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Moreover, the Light-Bringer of The Sandman will gift Dream the keys to hell to make other entities jealous. Therefore, his life will be endangered after he becomes the owner of a precious real estate. This way, Lucifer will get her vengeance indirectly while his siblings go against Dream, making things more difficult.

Also, Neil Gaiman has written the storyline of both Gwendoline Christie’s character and Tom Ellis’s role, making it evident that both Lucifers hold the same ground despite their differences.  

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What do you think where this revenge will take Lucifer in season 2 of The Sandman? Will we see the actress walking the lands of the waking world? If you haven’t watched the series yet, take a glimpse on Netflix.

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