Two Mysterious Pictures by ‘One Piece’ Make Fans Speculate Shooting Locations for the Live Action Adaptation

Two Mysterious Pictures by ‘One Piece’ Make Fans Speculate Shooting Locations for the Live Action Adaptation

Netflix’s One Piece live-action series is shaping up to become an exciting project and one that fans are really eager to watch. Netflix has been excited about this project for quite a long time now. And it feels like they are ready to reveal some things to the audience, albeit in their own manner.

One Piece Netflix-new mysterious images

In early 2020, Netflix unveiled its ambitious live-action project, seeking to create the first-ever adaptation of Oda’s iconic series. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic suspended work on One Piece and several other projects in March 2021, and filming in Cape Town, South Africa, resumed in January 2022.

Netflix has introduced the main Straw Hat Pirates and their cast members a few months prior. New photographs from the production’s camp suggest something exciting is on the way.

Two mysterious images were uploaded by One Piece’s official Japanese Twitter account. We can translate the caption in Japanese to be “Two more photos arrived. Straw hat and this place … is it a harbor? On March 28th, something will happen.

What can be the meaning of the images?

In the images, the spectacles appear to be similar to the ones worn by Koby. While they aren’t the focal point of the image, they are an intriguing addition that One Piece fans will surely contemplate until March 28. Although the newsboy cap appears to have no apparent importance, the two images do.

The picture of Cape Town is significant since it is the filming location for the first season of the show. But it might also represent one of the first islands visited by the Straw Hats. The image of the real straw hat might be a preview for actor Iñaki Godoy’s Luffy costume.

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One Piece fans certainly have shown interest in the new images. They have been sharing their thoughts and theories on Twitter. Some of the tweets are:

The popular opinion seems to be of a trailer for the live-action series. This seems a little far-fetched as they have been shooting for a little over two months.

However, we can not confirm or deny any theories as Netflix might just surprise us.

What are your theories for March 28th? Let us know in the comments below.

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